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Conversations with History: Past, Present and Futures of Manchester’s Art Ecology

Dani Child, Senior Lecturer in Art History brings together historians and creatives working in Manchester and local regions on the occasions of the 200 year anniversaries of Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Met and the 40th anniversary of Castlefield Gallery for two public events. These events initiated important conversations about the past, present and future of Manchester (and the North)’s art ecology.
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Intangible Sounds

A day of workshops talks and performances from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Met present a day of public talks and workshops on music and sound heritages, followed by a night-time music and performance event. Both the daytime activities and the evening gig will explore how music, sound and sonic experiences constantly interweave with both time and place: creating emotions, evoking memories and bonding us into many different kinds of community.